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Welcome to SIMA Classroom.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity of the platform to give you easy access to our wealth of dynamic global learning assets.

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Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1: Log In to SIMA Classroom by finding the MEMBER LOGIN section in the menu OR at the bottom of each page at SIMACLASSROOM.COM

If you are unable to log in, or have any questions please contact us at

Step 2: Find our film library page by clicking on the heading FILMS in the main menu or choose STREAM FILMS on the Homepage to go directly to the Grid View of all available films.

Step 3: Hover over the FILMS heading and you’ll have an option between Grid View and List View.

In Grid View you will see a page of film images, and you can search by category, location, keywords and film length.

In List View you can see all the film titles listed alphabetically and find languages and subtitles.

Select the View you prefer to search for films.

Step 4: Select a film you would like to watch. The film’s page will include more information about the film. Most film pages include a short film trailer available at the very top of the film page (you will see a Play icon).

Step 5:  To watch the full film and access the film’s resources, select the “WATCH FILM” button on the lower left side of the film page. This will take you to the film and resources page for that film.

Save your favorite films and resources for later by clicking the  “Add to My Classroom” button, located on the bottom left side, underneath “WATCH FILM”.

Your saved favorite films will automatically be added to MY CLASSROOM, filed under For Educators in the main menu.

Step 6: If the options are available, you can select [HD] for higher playback resolution options or [CC] to enable subtitles. The [CC] and [HD] will only be displayed when available.


Explore our educator lesson planning resources.

SIMA LESSON PLANS are designed to inspire global learning and civic skill-building in dynamic and interactive ways. In conjunction with SIMA Films, educators can employ these Lesson Plans and incorporate them into pre-existing curricula across multiple disciplines and class formats.

Learn more about using SIMA Lesson Plans in the classroom – Read our CASE STUDY, ’Seeding Impact – A Conversation with Educator Michelle Bernstein’, filed under “ABOUT” 

Our PLAYLISTS bring together lesson plans and selected films on a range of global education themes. You will find handpicked and carefully curated lists on a variety of global education themes including the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals; the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and more.

Feedback Form

Our STUDENT FEEDBACK FORM is a great way to gauge the effectiveness of your lesson plans while encouraging students to reflect on their experience. Once they submit, we will share the results with you directly.

We can’t wait to hear about YOUR experience, too – please be sure to fill out our EDUCATOR FEEDBACK FORM. To track and facilitate program growth and development, these forms will be administered by SIMA at the end of every quarter.

Get Connected

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Support & Troubleshooting

Have a question or challenge? We love to help.

Want to schedule individual or school-level support? We’re all yours!

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Additional Notes

During your subscription term, SIMA Classroom will grow. Titles will be added automatically and you will be notified via email of new additions. We will contact you quarterly to provide support and get feedback.

Thank you for joining the SIMA Classroom Community. We look forward to working with you, hearing from you and inspiring students far and wide.

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