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When you actually see an inspiring film, it touches you in no way possible by other forms of media. You can feel inspired and have a connection with someone across the world, thus leading to a more global way of thinking.”

– S. Prevatt, Student

“Many of the films truly changed the way I view the world and inspired me to take action, whether it be speaking out against social injustice over social media or joining a non for profit organization to work hands on with the victims of oppression. By having such a personal, engaging glimpse into the problems of the world, I was able to understand their urgency, a deeper understanding than I ever could have achieved reading a text book. Film is a vital learning tool as it educates by tapping into the students emotions and empathy. Very few experiences in the classroom are able to offer such a personal and in depth understanding.”

– L. McInerny, High School Student

“This has been one of my favorite classes because of what we do. Watching and learning about these films has also made me want to act more on the injustices. Evidently these topics are talked about in classrooms, but if we were able to show the documentaries it would vastly improve our conversations.”

– A. Aquino, Student

“This has shown me what real responsibility is. I think that I have grown as a sophisticated human being and I have learned a lot about serious topics and problems that people have to face every day around the world.”

– J. Wilkenfeld, High School Student

“I became so captivated. I can’t watch a film or documentary the same way now. I am surprised at how much these stories have made me reflect on my own life and my own choices and how I can affect people living on the other side of the world just from watching these films.”

– R. Rothstein, Student

“These films benefit my students by broadening their world view and helping them understand themselves and each other in new ways. My classroom and my school is extremely diverse, with more than 30 languages spoken as first languages by students and students’ families.”

– P.S., ESL Teacher 5th/6th Grade

“My class is very social justice based – so having films that play to that will make the themes come alive for students. I want my students to feel compelled to make the world a better place… and I think that they won’t know what to fix until they examine our world today through different perspectives.”

– R.H., Humanities 8th Grade Teacher

“Audio-visual resources are a great way to help students engage more deeply with, and connect more closely to, course material.”

– S.B., High School Teacher

Wow! Fantastic resource for our school through the lens of activism, social justice, and service learning. I can’t wait to share this with our whole school community.”

– Kate Klaire, Student Life Coordinator, The Berkeley School

“SIMA Classroom does not only enhance our school programming but it also enhances our school wide equity and social justice work.”

– West Willmore, Rainbow Community School

“Wanna intentionally induce immunity against the savior complex in your students? Watch SIMA Films.”

– Shawn Humphrey, University Professor, Writer and Innovator

“From a teacher’s point of view, I couldn’t have asked for a more engaging process. I’ve never seen a class so motivated and inspired… The conversations about the films and the subjects didn’t stop when they left my classroom. They continued throughout each student’s life and crossed over into other classes. Seeing this impact is absolutely inspiring as an educator. It helped strengthen their studentship skills, broaden their perspectives, enlightened them, and educated them in various subjects. Collaborating with SIMA helped inspire my students to become responsible, global citizens who are now motivated to get involved.”

– Michelle Bernstein, Faculty and Chair of the Film and Digital Media Department, New Roads School

“I now have quality content to teach moral themes.

– R.G., English, Special Education, Social Sciences High School Teacher

“One of our upcoming units is called “Why Should I Care?” where students have to create an action plan on something they care about. These films are great examples for demonstrating what a real hero is and what the term “a call to action” truly means.

– L.W., Social Studies/ Language Arts 6th Grade Teacher

“All students can learn more about social inequities and what they can do to bring about equity, equality and justice. I teach media literacy as it relates to the perpetuation of the established power structure.”

– N.Y., Film Studies/ Diversity High School Teacher

“These films can encourage them to become better citizens on all levels, from local to global. The films will be particularly valuable for my Sociology kids as I try to make social justice an on going theme.”

– L.H., World History, AP World History, Sociology, High School Teacher

“My students live on a small island in the Caribbean who are not exposed to global issues. They need to develop an awareness of the world they live in and develop empathy.”

– S.M., Spanish, English, Literacy High School Teacher