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We believe in the power of film to connect and inspire.

We trust that you’re all staying safe in this challenging and unpredictable time and hope you enjoy this monthly dose of impact cinema.



May’s two short documentaries explore GLOBAL HEALTH, with inspiring stories from the front lines of two deadly diseases close to 30 years apart. AFTER THE FALL: HIV GROWS UP follows the courageous survivors of the pediatric AIDS epidemic that swept Romania and shocked the world as communism fell across Eastern Europe in 1989. #ISURVIVEDEBOLA: FODAY, LIBERIA captures the incredible story of Foday Gallah, a courageous healthcare worker who risked it all to save lives during the 2014 Ebola outbreak in Liberia. Foday’s heroic actions placed him in the December 2014 TIME Magazine “Person of the Year” edition.

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