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Using Film to Bring the World Into Your Classroom

Course Overview

By the end of this course, you will unlock the power of film to take your students beyond school walls, inspiring them to be global citizens and changemakers. We’ll be taking a closer look at documentary films to explore the impact of visual storytelling to communicate ideas; and guiding you through activities that will make it seamless to integrate film into your lessons.

Driving Question

How can I integrate film into my lessons to inspire student discussions and learning on global issues?

Learning Outcomes

Main objective: Create participatory lessons that use film as a springboard for learning about global social issues and youth leadership.

Through this course you will:

  • LEARN about using documentary film in your classroom.
  • CURATE a collection of films and other resources as the inspiration for a service learning project.
  • TAKE ACTION with your students, watching your film selections and developing a project that inspires change.
  • REFLECT on your experience of using documentary film and consider other topics and service-learning projects where film can activate your students.