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In Partnership with Doha Debates

We believe that global challenges are best solved collaboratively, through civil discourse and debate. Working with digital storytelling and independent filmmakers around the world, we amplify pressing social issues, present innovative solutions to global problems and encourage collaboration to find common ground. This playlist of Doha Debates films showcases solutions-oriented stories that can help us imagine and build a brighter future.

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Over 200,000 migrant laborers, mostly from Africa, work in Italy’s fields. After being exploited for years, the global pandemic made these farmworkers “essential” overnight — but without labor rights or even access to basic sanitation, they are living and working in conditions that have been described as modern slavery. Union leader Aboubakar Soumahoro has been documenting these inhumane conditions and is helping the workers organize to demand real and lasting change.

Directors: Diana Ferrero & Carola Mamberto

Duration: 9 min

Location: Italy

Language: Italian, English


Into the Sea follows the family of Suleiman Hajazzi as they are relocated from a refugee camp in Greece to more permanent housing. Suleiman, his son and wife recount their journey escaping violence in Afghanistan and their hopes and dreams for their future.

Director: Daphne Matziaraki

Duration: 15 min

Location: Greece

Language: Farsi


Amina is an Iraqi American refugee and Muslim. Joe is a Trump supporter who was afraid of Muslims in America — until he met Amina. The widening political division and polarization of our world have become so personal, that the very idea of civil, open-minded conversation can seem unreachable, and solutions scarce — until you meet Amina and Joe. Their unlikely friendship is the clearest example of how to listen and collaborate across political divides.

Director: Paul Raila

Duration: 9 min

Location: USA

Language: English


In 2017, Myanmar carried out genocide against its own people, the Rohingya Muslims. Over one million Rohingya were forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh into what has become the largest refugee camp in the world. Some Rohingya documented their violent displacement and persecution on cell phones. Exodus follows Omal Khair, Azimul Hasson and Dil Kayas as they learn to see their lives through a new lens — and offers the world a rare glimpse into what life is like for young Rohingya refugees.

Director: Taimoor Sobhan

Duration: 24 min

Location: Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Language: Rohingya


Welcome to Cherán, a small Indigenous community in the state of Michoacán that took up self-rule to kick out local drug cartels. In 2011, Yunuen Torres was a little girl, but she remembers life before her community took their town back. Now a community radio host, Torres has made it her mission to record oral histories that capture Cherán’s tumultuous past and inspire the next generation to uphold all that her community fought for.

Director: Elpida Nikou and Rodrigo Hernandez

Duration: 13 min

Location: Mexico

Language: Spanish


At its heart, “The Water Queen” is a superhero origin story that tells the tale of a young woman setting out to save her brother who’s suffering from severe dehydration. After many desperate pleas and attempts to find water for her brother, she taps into her Indigenous roots and is magically transported to a verdant, parallel universe, where she learns how to summon the power of nature and bring water back to her parched world.

Director: Lungelo Mdlalose

Duration: 17 min

Location: South Africa

Language: English

SUGGESTED LESSON PLAN: Better Conversations: The Listener

It is time to break through the stalemates of polarization and engage in productive conversations. How do we create space – emotionally and intellectually – to listen to other points of view and experiences? How do we share our own ideas without fear or judgement?