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This conservation playlist focuses on the implications of a rapidly industrializing global mindset on our natural resources. These films are carefully selected to represent the wide range of conservation efforts across the globe: from large lobsters in the Australian Outback to the implication of fracking on water in Florida.  Intentionally curated to illustrate just how widespread the need for conservation is, these films will provide students with an expansive understanding of both the importance of conversation efforts, and it’s intrinsic relationship to quality of life and human rights.

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SIMA Classroom A Gentle Giant


Known to grow to the size of a small dog and live to 40 years old, the giant Tasmanian freshwater lobster is the largest of its kind in the entire world, but it’s home is being destroyed by sediment runoff from logging. However, there is hope – Todd Walsh the lobster man has grown up with this crayfish that gently inches its way around the northern rivers of Australia’s southern-most island. This is his plea to protect a rare and remarkable creature.

Director & Producer: Mark Pearce

4 min
Languages: English

SIMA Classroom Big Damage


A tale of exploitation and broken promises, BIG DAMAGE illustrates the true impact of logging on those involved. Customary landowners are forced into signing documents they don’t understand, for the promise of “development” – fresh water, health, and education, but these essential services are rarely provided. Instead, their traditional hunting grounds are destroyed, waterways polluted, and their way of life ruined forever.

Director & Producer: David Fedele

42 min
Papua New Guinea | Australia
Languages: English, Tok-Pisin
Subtitles: English

Conservation Playlist


The indigenous people of Sungai Utik, a Dayak Iban community in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, have maintained a strong traditional connection to their forests despite continuous pressure from logging and palm oil companies intent on taking their land. HOPE follows as they tackle the impacts of climate change through the traditional sustainable forestry techniques, offing us unique climate solutions and hope for the future.

Director: Paul Redman
Producer: Tim Lewis

7 min
Languages: Indonesian
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese

SIMA Classroom The Super Salmon


Proponents of a plan to construct a $5.2 billion hydroelectric mega-dam on Alaska’s Susitna River say it wouldn’t affect the watershed’s famous salmon runs because of its location – upstream of where fish usually swim. Tell that to The Super Salmon.

Director & Producer: Ryan Peterson
25 min
United States
Languages: English

SIMA Classroom The Reunion


This film follows the indigenous Harakmbut leaders as they lead a journey to rediscover ancient sacred sites connected with their cultural past and protect their future. THE REUNION highlights the intrinsically complicated relationship between environmental rights and indigenous peoples rights.

9 min
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: Portuguese, English, Indonesian, Spanish


SIMA Classroom Songs of the Vine


Shot over the span of two months in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest, ‘Songs of the Vine’ is a virtual reality documentary focusing on the healing modalities, cosmovision and culture of the Shipibo, an indigenous group best known for their mastery of ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine. By immersing the viewer into the depths of the Amazon jungle, and exposing them to the songs and perspectives of Shipibo healers, ‘Songs of the Vine’ illustrates an ancient but increasingly relevant dynamic between humans and nature.

18 min
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English

SIMA Classroom Growing World Wonder


The Great Green Wall is an incredible, generation-defining project, yet the wider world seems to know very little about it. This film was created to change that, sharing its story in a way that feels spectacular, but also tangible on a human level. The Great Green Wall won’t be completed for a generation and for many of us it’s thousands of miles away, but with ‘Growing a World Wonder’, you can visit it right now, wherever you are.

Director: Richard Nockles
Producers: Mitch Turnbull, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Surround Vision

4 min | Senegal

SUGGESTED LESSON PLAN: The Environmentalist: Outreach Marketing  

Digital marketing and effective outreach – every social issue’s suit of armor. Here students will learn essential public relations skills, grassroots outreach, and digital advocacy to raise awareness of environmental issues we are facing. This engagement model is broken up into four easy steps to help facilitate creative thinking and collective action. After watching a curated screening of a selection of films that highlight different environmental challenges, students are paired into small groups and asked to brainstorm unique ways to bring their message to the public. Then the students are asked to implement their outreach campaigns within their schools, documenting the results and reporting them to their class.