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Curated as a window into the richness, beauty, and diversity of the Arab World, The Arab World Vision (AWV) Playlist features films that show intimate testimonies and on the ground stories that allow viewers to connect with individuals and communities to build new perspectives founded on cross-cultural understanding, respect, and tolerance. The playlist takes on the challenge of sustainability focusing on social, human, economic, and environmental development.

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In the wake of the refugee crisis that has swept across Europe, and the negative sentiments expressed through our politics and media, “Fortune’s Gift” opens a window into the lives of 14 individuals, who have made a conscious decision to embrace what connects us as human beings rather than what divides us.

Director & Producer: Line Hadsbjerg

2 min
Languages: Danish, Arabic
Subtitles: English


In the wake of the refugee crisis that has swept across Europe, and the negative sentiments expressed through our politics and media, “Fortune’s Gift” opens a window into the lives of 14 individuals, who have made a conscious decision to embrace what connects us as human beings rather than what divides us.

Director & Producer: Line Hadsbjerg

3 min
Languages: Danish, Arabic
Subtitles: English

SIMA Classroom Nefertitis Daughters


Nefertiti’s Daughters is a story of women, art, and revolution. Told by prominent Egyptian artists, this documentary witnesses the critical role revolutionary street art played during the Egyptian uprisings. Focused on the role of women artists in the struggle for social and political change, Nefertiti’s Daughters spotlights how the iconic graffiti of Queen Nefertiti places her on the front lines in the ongoing fight for women’s rights and freedoms in Egypt today.

Director: Mark Nickolas
Producers: Mark Nickolas, Jean Ferreri & Ramy Francis

39 min
Languages: English, Arabic
Subtitles: English


Cross World is a short film focusing on the theme of “The #Personal is the #Political”, and highlighting the experience of #refugee #women. An intimate conversation between two refugee girls who have never met. Aya, a 14-year-old Syrian refugee girl and, Justinah, a 23-year-old South Sudanese refugee girl shares the same story. Today in Lebanon, Aya is forced to marry at the age 14, she finds hope in Justinah who went through the same experience when she was a child. Today in New York, Justinah is attending the CSW to raise Aya’s voice to end Child marriage.

Director: Nour Wahid
Producers: Sean Southey & Meesha Brown

6 min
USA, Lebanon, Syria
Languages: English, Arabic
Subtitles: English


Rwanda experienced a violent civil war between its two main ethnic groups, the Hutu and the Tutsi, that killed around 1 million citizens in 1994. Militant Hutu left the country in a state of poverty after using machetes to maim, rape, and murder civilians. Twenty years later, survivors of the genocide are using technology to improve life in Rwanda. TakePart World producer, Alex Stapleton, visited open-innovation space K-Lab, which offers free education and an environment in which citizens can share tech ideas. Alex traveled with Aphrodice Mutangana, creator of Incike, to meet Stephanie, a woman who lost her entire family and home in the genocide. Thanks to the Incike app, Stephanie now has a house with a kitchen and access to essentials such as food and clothing.

Director: Alex Stapleton

25 min
Sub-Saharan Africa
Language: English
Subtitles: English


La Casita Rosa is a short documentary based on the humanitarian efforts of Las Patronas, a group of Mexican women determined to help feed the countless immigrants riding on top of cargo trains heading to the U.S.

Director: Elvin Herrera
Producers: Elvin Herrera

12 min | Mexico
Languages: Spanish
Subtitles: English

SIMA Classroom Welcome To Canada


This short film tells the story of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada after fleeing torture and imprisonment by the Assad regime. While rebuilding his life in Vancouver, he assists newly-arrived Syrian refugee families to resettle, finding new homes and new beginnings.

Directors: Adam Loften & Mary Fowles
Producer: Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee

20 min
Languages: English and Arabic
Subtitles: English


HelpUsGreen is a unique social enterprise based in Kanpur, India. It collects four tonnes of waste flowers everyday from temples and turns it into sustainable products such as organic fertiliser and incense sticks. In doing so they prevent pesticide laden flowers from entering the river Ganges thereby stopping an important polluting element. The waste is hand sorted by marginalised Dalit women previously working mostly as sanitation workers who often faced social discrimination, exploitation and violence. The company provides them with bank accounts, health benefits and insurance, not to mention fair wages. Dignity With Flowers is a film that reveals the story of one such woman Ranjana, who feels her life has turned around.

Director: Gautam Pemmaraju
Producer: Lin Yanqin
Executive Producer: Von Tan

5 min
South Asia | Southeast Asia
India | Singapore
Languages: English, Hindi


In March 2016 Kausalya and her husband Shankar were brutally attacked on a crowded street in southern India. Shankar, who came from a lower Dalit caste, died of his injuries. Kausalya survives and accuses her parents of orchestrating an honour killing. She fights for justice through the courts, testifying against her parents in a trial where they face the death penalty. Her now estranged grandparents and brother Gautham also await the verdict, desperately hoping Kausalya’s mother and father will be released. This is the story of a family torn apart by a caste hierarchy deeply rooted in India’s social fabric.

Director: Sadhana Subramaniam
Producers: Anna Murphy, Harri Grace (Grain Media)

25 min
Europe | South Asia
UK | India
Languages: Hindi
Subtitles: English

SIMA Classroom From Gangs to Gardens


Organic gardener and vegan chef, DJ CAVEM, is an award-winning international recording artist and activist who uses Hip-Hop culture to inspire young people to connect to the earth by teaching them how to grow food, and cultivate healthy eating habits. Through his lyrics and gardens, DJ CAVEM is planting the seeds of the food movement extending from his hometown of Denver, Colorado to across the globe.

Director & Producer: JLove Calderon
Executive Producer: Andy Averbuch

14 min
North America
Language: English
Subtitles: Spanish

SIMA Classroom Enemies to Allies


Sometimes, innovative solutions to social challenges are born in the most unlikely places. In Kisumu, Kenya, a surprising approach to HIV prevention relies on building bonds between two unlikely groups: police officers and sex workers. In Kisumu, extortion and abuse were commonplace, and sex workers’ rights were violated. This resulted in sex workers not receiving essential health services and police officers contributing to the spread of HIV. Through a novel approach, a local NGO called Keeping Alive Societies’ Hope (KASH) has fought to reverse that trend by building relationships between these former adversaries.

Director: Julie Winokur

14 min
North America | Sub-Saharan Africa
USA | Kenya
Languages: English, Swahili
Subtitles: English

SIMA Classroom Out of Plastic


“Out of Plastic” is a documentary film that sets out to explore the obscure depths of plastics in the Mediterranean. The film is set in the Balearic Islands, and offers viewers a moment to reflect on the profound presence of plastic in our lives and in our natural environment. The film also offers sweeping landscapes and mystic ocean depths – the point-of-encounter between man and nature – and intends to demonstrate how our overconsumption of single-use plastic has tipped the scales, to the detriment of nature, and ultimately ourselves.

Director & Producer: Line Hadsbjerg

19 min
Balearic Islands | Spain
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English
Subtitles: English


The stylised fashion documentary Goodwill Dumping brings the enormity of the industry surrounding donated secondhand clothing to light. The film showcases the journey that discarded pieces of clothing make and what kind of impact this has on local industries. Due to its globalized scale this immense industry has something otherworldly. The film shows the process and butterfly effect caused by the simple action of donating your old T-shirt. Creatures consisting out of mountains of discarded clothes add a layer of stylised and surrealistic commentary on the industry.

Director: Teddy Cherim
Producers: Levi Wilbrink

26 min | Netherlands & Kenya
Languages: Dutch
Subtitles: English


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