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SIMA Classroom is a groundbreaking media platform for global education and social innovation studies that features over 100 of the best social-issue films from the annual Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA). Curated from over 140 countries around the globe, this diverse and expansive “Netflix for changemakers” offers an unprecedented collection of contemporary current-affairs documentaries, participatory lesson plans and engagement resources, that bring social issues to life.

“SIMA helped inspire my students to become responsible, global citizens who are now motivated to get involved.”
-Michelle Bernstein, Faculty and Chair of the Film and Digital Media Department, New Roads School

SIMA films teach human-rights and sustainable development goals through inspiring and character-driven stories that give students a first-person insight into the pulse, the people, and the movements behind today’s global issues. By taking students beyond academic walls through cinematic storytelling and opportunities for community action, SIMA Classroom equips the next generation of changemakers with the contexts, the skills, the global mindsets, and cultural competence required in our ever-changing world.

SIMA Classroom films (ranging from 3-40 minutes) are being used in a range of class subjects, including social studies, english, film and more. Our teaching materials are aligned with Global Competencies (as defined by the Program For Student Assessment and Asia Society’s Center for Global Education) and the USA’s Common Core standards.


Streaming social issue films that take students on a journey around the world is just one of the many ways you can utilize SIMA Classroom. Explore SIMA ENGAGEMENT MODELS for action-based skill-building activities and visit our PLAYLISTS for curated film collections addressing the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and more cross-cutting topics.



  • SOCIAL IMPACT FILMS: Exclusive access to more than 100 award-winning SIMA Classroom films and teaching resources (Filmmaker Q&As, Resource Links, SIMA Engagement Models / Lesson Plans and Discussion Guides). During your subscription term SIMA Classroom will grow. Titles will be added automatically and you will be notified of new additions.
  • ENGAGEMENT MODELS: We’ve created participatory lesson plans that allow educators to transform ideas and innovations from film screenings into action-based skill-building activities.
  • PLAYLISTS: We have curated Playlists that bring together engagement models and film suggestions on global education themes. You’ll find playlists on the 17 sustainable development goals, human rights, gender equality and more.
  • COMMUNITY: Invitation to join the SIMA Classroom Global Educators Community, to share notes, resources, best practices and collaborate with other educators utilizing SIMA films.


SIMA Classroom is available to teachers, schools, academies, colleges and universities around the globe.

  • Access for 1 Educator | 1 year $199 | 3 years $540
  • Access for 10 Educators | 1 year $799.00 | 3 years $2,160
  • Access for 150 Users | 1 year $2,499 | 3 years $6,750
  • Unlimited institution Access | 1 Year $6,899


Five ways you can bring global learning into your classroom: